Cleaning granite type flagstones

by Kaine

Hello. I was wondering what you believe the best type of cleaner is for cleaning granite type fieldstones. I've used muriatic acid and have not gotten the best results. It seems to do little or nothing when following the directions when it comes to application and dilution. After having no luck from following the label I used the acid without diluting it at all and left it on the stones twice as long or longer than directed with no sucess either. It seems only good for etching concrete. Do you sell a product for cleaning the types of Michigan stones I have here? (mainly granite and other types which are simila; grainy and very hard) Thank you very much for your time, Kaine Dorriez

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by: Kaine Dorriez

Thank you very much for the information and the very quick response

I'm surprised
by: David

Dear Kaine,

I'm surprised the muriatic acid didn't work or at least burn your stone.

We only use that on bricks and never stone because it burns stone so quickly.

You should call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and find out if they have a product that will clean your stone.

You can also check them out at:

Great luck!


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