Chlorine white stains?

by Humberto Silva
(Houston, Texas)

We have a water fountain that is lined with flagstone and now the chlorine seems to be leaving a white residue (stain) and need some advice on how to remove it. The previous grounds keep did not control the ph level properly and this is why it started building up. Any recommendations on how to remove the white "stuff"?

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Chlorine white NEW
by: Julio Maxwell

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by: Forrest M. Sullivan

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Remove your stain via Smart Phone NEW
by: Anonymous


Use your Smart Phone to remove your stain instantly.

We have recently launched an app for Android and iPhone both platforms to provide instant solutions in emergency to clean your stain.

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You can use it to get instant and effective solutions.


cleaning flagstone
by: Richard

Call me..I'm in southwest La. I'm a distributor for Prosoco products.


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