Can we install flagstone over existing brick pathway?

by Katie Zook Hegge
(Minneapolis, MN)


We have a problem. A few years ago, I decided to tear out the very old concrete sidewalk leading from the front gate to the garage in the back, stopping at the back door in the middle. It's about 75 feet long. We also have a circular patio in the same brick. After one winter season, the bricks took on water, froze and you can imagine the mess in the spring. Many of the bricks imploded, creating an uneven, crumbling mess of a walkway.

We also have drainage problems, so usually have a frozen lake of a yard in the winter and need to raise the level of the walkway. Our yard is a bit lower than the neighbors' yards so water pools in our yard. We already installed a raingarden to try to stop this from happening, but when the ground is frozen nothing absorbs the water.

We are are thinking about laying flagstone over the bricks. I have thought about this and wonder if it would really work, and if we can do it, should we put down pea gravel, sand or lime stone with fines. Maybe someone with more experience would have an idea about how we can manage this without tearing it all out again. I used to be excited about doing it myself but after having the big job fail, I'm not so thrilled about it anymore and want to make sure what we do this time works for good! Please help.


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