Calicum on Flagstone

by Tom

I think I have white calicum build up on my flagstone that is around my spa... it is 30 days old and already there is this white build up. How do I get rid of it?

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calcium buildup on flagstone NEW
by: Richard

First of all is the spa fresh or salt water?
A excellent cleaner from Prosoco is the 600 detergent. Mix it with water to for safety in using it. Another product from Prosoco is the Vanatrol. Another hearty cleaner for masonry..

If it's efflorescence then you need to wait maybe a while longer to let the efflorescence run its course. Normally you do not see efflorescence with flagstone but it can happen. Let the flagstone de-hydrate all of the impurities that was used in the mortar. The more water you used in the mortar the longer it might take. Water is the highway that the impurities travel through to reach the surface of your stone. The efflorescence can be brushed off regularly. After it looks like it has finished then use a proper sealer from Prosoco for that. If you have a salt water system I recommend Salt Guard from Consolideck. Another Prosoco product. This product should give you years of satisfactory results. I'm a Prosoco dealer..Call me if you have any questions.

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