building a flagstone patio. this is the process we used when we made our free installation video!

Building a flagstone patio can be a satisfying job. 

Here is the process we did to lay this patio. We used this to shoot "Hans's How To Lay Flagstone" Video.

building a flagstone patio

This is the patio we started with before any stone were laid.

The concrete was over 40 years old, but still good enough to lay flagstone over it.

That's what's great about flagstone. You can make an old patio look outstanding.

Concrete and Mixer

We show in the video all of the tools and supplies needed to complete the job.

The picture above is Portland Type I-II that we recommend using.

The Picture just below is all of the tools you'll use to do your patio.

Flagstone Tools

Cutting is what separates amateurs from professionals.

The next four pictures show how we cut the stone in and dried laid the stone.

Cutting Flagstone

Above are the first five stones cut and dried laid on the patio. You can see how to start and get the best cut so that you have a better looking pattern.

Half Done Patio

We are about half done here!

It creates a lot of dust, but it is easy to wash off with water.

Cutting a Curve in Flagstone

One of the little tricks to getting a nice flagstone pattern is cutting a curve. It is a little tough, but we explain how to do it in the video.

Done Stone

The flagstone is completely cut in and ready for determining the "fall" and being laid in concrete.


We show you how to determine the "fall" with a transit and a 2"x4" board.

By using a board, you can save yourself from renting a transit.

If you've never used a transit before, you'll learn how and be able to use it for other landscaping projects around your house. It is a useful skill to know and easy to learn.

2 x4 For Patio

You can cut a few corners when building a flagstone patio and still do a great job.

By placing a 4 foot level on top of a long 2"x4" board you can determine the fall, the most important task of any patio.

We'll show you how in the video.

Cement For Flagstone

On smaller jobs you can mix cement in a wheel barrel, but on bigger projects you'll definately want to use a mixer.

Laying Flagstone in Cement

Here we get the right mixture of laying stones in cement.

And below, we get the right mixture for tucking cement in the joints between the stones.

Tucking Flagstone

The mortar between the joints is more dry and you need to use a little "elbow grease" to get the job done right. 

Sponging Flagstone

It is very important to get the cement off of the stone. We've seen many jobs where that never happens.

We'll show you how to do it right!

Washing the Flagstone

There is always a gray film left over. That's why you need to wash it off with 600 Detergent by Prosoco.

Flagstone Sealing

The last task of building a flagstone patio is sealing it. You need to wait two weeks after washing it down.

Building A Flagstone Patio

I should say that the last task is to enjoy your new patio. You'll be surprised of what a good job you could do.

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