Bluestone 600 square feet - random patterns, 1-2 inches thick

by Sonja T.
(Burnt Hills, New York)

This bluestone is from a Helderberg quarry in New York. This is not a thin veneer. These are heavy, solid and thick. Bluestone is a high quality product due to its silica content, compact nature and fine grains. Perfect for patios, architectural facings, fireplaces, sills, and walkways. This 10 year old stone is a beautiful lot of durable and natural stone you can enjoy for a lifetime. This is natural cleft patio stone that has been cut off the block in squares & rectangles, then split by hand to produce a natural surface. Colors range in different shades of blue, gray and tans. Thickness will vary with natural cleft and this lot typically ranges from 1 - 2 inches in thickness. The different colors, textures and natural cleft surface makes this stone very unique and natural. Sizes are extremely mixed offering a nice random pattern: there is approximately 600 square feet, 175 pieces ranging in all sorts of sizes: the smallest being 12 x 12 and the largest 48 X 36. Other sizes include, but are not limited to: 12 x 8; 5 x 8; 2 x 24; 24 x 24; 24 x 40; 26 x 36; 30 x 6; 30 x 8; 36 x 8; 30 x 30, etc. Priced at just under $9.00 a square foot, $5,399 for lot.

Stones will be stacked on pallets by size and will be ready for your pickup. Feel free to come by to view, just email me for an appointment. If you need other pictures, let me know and I can send. We prefer to sell all stones as a lot ? but will consider other offers.

Cash and you carry! contact

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