Black spots appearing on newly installed flagstone

Are black spots that appear after pressure washing the newly installed flagstone normal to appear.Is there anything that can be done to remove them.We had the stone professionally installed.Thank you.Roger Cornelius

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Quinn NEW
by: Anonymous

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black spots NEW
by: Anonymous

Try clorox. It worked for me. Let is sit for a bit and use a scrub brush. I let it dry and then washed it off.

Thought they are in the stone
by: David

I talked with my dad about your situation and he said that power washing wouldn't cause black spots. Without seeing it, he thinks that they are probably in the stone.

He suggested you go to a place where nobody can see the stone and scrape the stone a little bit to see if black spots are deeper in the stone.

I hope that helps you out a bit. It's hard to diagnose without knowing your stone or seeing it.

Great luck,


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