beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACK ARY of Ok thin cut, or whatever random name he is using

jack ary of okstone in heavener oklahoma is a pariste in the stone nuisness dont let his fancy website fool u. do a backgrund check the man is a fraud and cheat

Comments for beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACK ARY of Ok thin cut, or whatever random name he is using

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The real anonymous NEW
by: Jack Ary

I for got to say. I never bought anything from these people, and the only time I have ever told anyone in a grocery store I would pay them was the clerk at the checkout. One more thing his wife must have posed for the anonymous mask here

Slander NEW
by: Jack Ary

I won't mention their names at this time because I am sure they wish to remain anonymous, because they both are too Yellow to put their name on the line. I do know who posted their form of scurrilous, scandalous, malicious, abusive, insulting vomit mouthed utterings. The truth is they are mad because I am using some of my trademarks and they tried to steel the names. Also true is the fact that they have no stone yard, no quarry, no equipment. They buy and sell stone from other people's yards and quarries. Now David Claussen to you and the owners of this website, I have taken this to my attorney and he is putting together a suit against you and these people who call themselves anonymous. Make sure you understand, I do know who these people are, that was rather easy to find out. You have one week to remove these ridiculous railings.

Jack Ary NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't do business with him, Never send him money, no matter how hard he begs

Jack Ary is a con man NEW
by: Anonymous

Jack ary came to our stone yard ( not far from where he lives) and marked a load of stone. We sent it to his yard but when I sent him the bill he never would pay for the stone. I saw him later in the grocery store he promised he would pay for the stone. He has tried to ruin our name but people who know us , know we would never cheat anybody and Jack Ary will have to answer to God for all the horrible ways he has come up with to cheat honest people out of their hard earned money. I feel sorry for you Jack one day you will meet God and you will answer for what you have done and are doing to all these people.God has continued to bless us despite what you did to us.

Good to know NEW
by: Joe S

I agree, I manufactured log homes (3 generations of sawmills).
I sold and shipped several to folks I never met. I would much
Prefer to have someone see and touch EXACTLY what s/he
will be buying. I have been programming for 16 years, and can
Whip up a website overnight. Just thought if start with forums, emails etc. just like Ebays ratings, you can kill fraudulent bas***ds in their tracks. For the record, I've had my original EBay username since I signed up in Apr 2001
with 100% positive feedback. Keep up the good work.

who? NEW
by: Anonymous

Who? Hevener? Email and let us know who this is? I am not Jack? What actually went wrong?

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