Arizona flagstone is a nice looking stone that has deep and shiney colors.  We've worked with it a few times when we did some jobs in Phoenix. It cuts real well, but is still very durable.

We've heard of compression tests of the stone of up to 15,000 pounds per square inch.

There are many types of stone from Arizona, because there are so many quarries. Red and buff are the most common and it comes in many various sizes including strip stones for laying up walls.

You might want to look at the pictures that Troy sent us from Phoenix. He used our tutorials to help him with his stone patio.

Just Click Here To See His Pictures!

arizona flagstone

The red of Arizona stone is softer than Colorado Red ,but has a smooth surface and consistent color.

arizona buff flagstone

The Arizona Buff has a "Buckskin" color that is also smooth and consistent.

The only word of caution is sometimes the stone can be a little shaley. That can make for some hollow spots sometimes. We haven't had too many problems with that. When in doubt, don't use the stone! Set it aside and lay down a better stone from your selection.

That's why we always figure 10% over our square footage.

Many stoneyards around the country have these types of stones.

If your area doesn't have it, you can try to get a quote from our flagstone market page. Just click the link below for details:

Flagstone Market Page!

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