Antique Sandstone building block

by Sammy

I have Sandstone building block for sale. I would guess roughly 1500 square feet of wall area.

This stone was quarried out of a local mine in the early 1900s. Cut on 4 or 5 sides and face was chiseled by hand. Blocks are about 6 inches thick different lengths and heights. Can get a exact measurement of square footage and more pictures. Located in Eastern Kentucky

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Sandstone NEW
by: Sammy

Will get pictures tomorrow and total square feet of wall. This building is still standing and the stones are really dirty as seen in the picture and pictures that I will email you.

I can get pictures of a building that has the same stone. That building was restored about 4 years ago and the color of the stone can been seen better.

more pics NEW
by: Pete Zahn Masonry

I'am looking at a job that looks close to the stone you have. Could you email me some close up pictures. My email is

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