A Big Thanks -- couldn't get a reply delivered otherwise.

Apr 26, 2015, at 1:26 PM, Frank A. Rothermel wrote:

Hi David. Thx so much for approving the post. I obviously committed masonry malpractice to have it rot out so quickly. Hopefully we can get some good feedback from the experts out there (sure your Dad doesn't want to armchair this? :-). Well, out back now popping up the stones and banging down to solid mortar to get ready to re-bed all the stones.

And gotta say I loved your video working with your Dad. Priceless. Most touching trade video ever. You're very lucky as he's an exceptionally special guy -- 50+years in the trade and he still loved and wanted to share his craft. And he's just as lucky to have such a devoted son like you who undoubtedly sacrificed many other opportunities to work along side your Dad for so long. Give your Dad my best and my best to you too for sharing so much of yourself and family to help the rest of us out here.

Your most appreciative hod carrier /Frank

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Thank you so much
by: David

Hi Frank,

Thank you so much Frank for your nice comment. I'm so glad the info from this site has helped you out.

I'll see my dad in a few weeks and I'll let him know.

Take care,


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