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Stone Professionals Must Read This
January 09, 2014

Hello Everybody,

After about 10 years with this site,, I've decided it's time to sell it to somebody who loves helping people get the right stone for their jobs.

If you are somebody who wants to use the internet to really accelerate your stone business, then this might be the opportunity for you.

I've talked with business experts and they've given me a figure for what I should sell it for, but I want to make sure it goes to the right owner and that they have a great opportunity to really make this form of advertising work for them. Therefore, I'm selling it for a 50% discount.

I've got the income and traffic figures for you, so if you're interested, reply back to this e-mail and we can see if this might fit in with your business plans.

Thanks for your time!

David Claussen

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