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The Flagstone Times, Issue #002 Try Irregular Layered Flagstone..
July 04, 2005
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Table of Contents

1. Nina’s Nook and Novelties

2. Hans's "How-To Lay Your Own Flagstone" DVD is ready

3. Brick Mailbox DVD is on Its Way and Some Free Videos too

4. Check out Kelly's Pictures from Allen, Texas

5. We're Growing and Looking For Professional Masons, Designers, and/or Landscapers

6. Special E-Mail Announcement Coming Soon From an Incredible Sponsor

Nina’s Nook and Novelties

I’m thrilled to be writing this column and will be your eyes and ears to unique and novel uses of flagstone. I’m what you might call a “home and garden junkie,” addicted to Home and Garden Television and a monthly subscriber to too many “style” magazines to count. I clip articles every month and have a little wooden box filled to the brim with ideas that I couldn’t possibly ever complete myself and, if I did, my house would be an ineffective “eclectic conglomerate” or mess. So, I can’t wait to clean out this wooden box and share a few ideas with you.

"Inspired by Inspired House"

During a “weekly trip” to Home Depot and my carousing of their great home and garden magazines, I was truly impressed by the use of flagstone on the cover of August’s Inspired House. (Why August’s edition is out at the end of June is interesting, but that’s another story.) Check the cover out and then flip to page 30. Although the topic of the article is “Dining Out” and creating outdoor barbecues and kitchens, careful inspection of the photo shows a beautiful and elegant set of flagstone steps leading to a flagstone patio set in sand. The steps appear to be constructed with irregular sheets of flagstone layered on top of each other with a larger piece placed on top as the overhanging step. This process of irregular layering is repeated to create a series of five steps. This layering creates a casual elegance that I think would look lovely within any garden and especially when landscaping slopes. Check it out and check in with your results if you try it! P.S. Check out page 17 too; an email address,, is listed for ordering French antiques and garden ornaments from a small village in France. Such items as olive pots, wine racks and grape harvest baskets are great additions to any flagstone patio. Vive le Flagstone!

Hans's "How-To Lay Flagstone" DVD is Ready

The DVD has been on sale for about three weeks and is doing great.

We had an introductory price of $24.99 and will bump the price up $5.00 to $29.99 in a few days.

Get one now if you're doing any type of flagstone work! We promise that will be the last price hike. It's going to stay at $29.99 for a long time.

For Details on the DVD, Click Here!

Hans's "How-To Build A Brick Mailbox" DVD is Coming!

I should have it edited and ready in about a week.

It will price for $29.99 and we walk you through a brick mailbox job that we did from start to finish.

If you're looking to add a special touch to your house and learn how to lay some basic brick structures, then this DVD is for you.

Pictures From Kelly in Allen, Texas

I got 13 pictures from a sand flagstone job that Kelly did. He made his backyard look great and tells you what mistakes he did.

Check His Pictures Here!

Would You Like To Write For Us?

The Flagstone Experts keeps growing daily and we're looking for experienced designers, masons, landscapers who could give homeowners something to learn about while at the same time, promoting their business.

For More Details About How You Could Write For Us, Click Here!

We Have A New Sponsor

I do this website for fun, to make a little money, and to spread the knowledge of my father so it continues on.

We pay for most of the costs of this website through our DVDs, but we were looking for a sponsor to make us a little more money.

Well, we found a product that is going to help a lot of people out. Both my dad and I are excited about telling people about this.

When I have more of the details straight, I'll send a special e-mail out in about a week or so.

You're going to love this!!

Talk to you soon!

David and Hans

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