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The Flagstone Times, Issue #002 Do You Want To Use Your Scrap Flagstone. See This Great Idea From...
June 02, 2005
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Table of Contents

1. Nina’s Nook and Novelties

2. Claire’s Corner

3. Brand New DVD

4. Flagstone Sales

Nina’s Nook and Novelties

I’m thrilled to be writing this column and will be your eyes and ears to unique and novel uses of flagstone. I’m what you might call a “home and garden junkie,” addicted to Home and Garden Television and a monthly subscriber to too many “style” magazines to count. I clip articles every month and have a little wooden box filled to the brim with ideas that I couldn’t possibly ever complete myself and, if I did, my house would be an ineffective “eclectic conglomerate” or mess. So, I can’t wait to clean out this wooden box and share a few ideas with you.


Who in North America doesn't have a round, white, plastic table sitting on their patio? And, if you're reading this newsletter, you probably have a few pieces of scrap flagstone laying around.

Therefore, why not put the two together and use a piece of flagstone as a decorative weight in the middle.

Use it with or without a tablecloth, depending on your aesthetic taste.

Then, place a bouquet of flowers, decorative object or candle on top of the flagstone piece to add a personal flair.

This brings me to another creative and "zen-like" use of flagstone "scrap" pieces.

Place tea light candles on the top of a rectangular piece to create a natural and organic look on any table.

Citronella tea lights are now available and look even greater sitting on flagstone. So, don't throw away your "scrap" flagstone; one man's scrap is another one's treasure!

Claire’s Corner

Claire Davis has been a landscape architect for twenty-five years and will contribute tips and advice each month

Whenever I design landscapes, I like to take into consideration the style of the interior.

For more "traditional" homes, brick and irregular flagstone tend to look better on the outside.

However, for more "contemporary" homes, straight or pre-cut flagstone looks better.

If you're working with a landscape architect, it's best if they know your inside in order to give you a better looking outside.

Brand New DVD

My Dad and I have completed our first DVD on how to lay flagstone.

It is a Step-by-Step Video to show you how to lay flagstone for any project.

We designed it to save you lots of money and give you the confidence to do a flagstone project yourself.

It will go on sale next week!

Go To

Flagstone Sales

Save over $200 a ton on Colorado Buff Steppers!

Right now one ton is $175. They’re great for flagstone patios, walkways, and retaining walls about 18” high.

Also on sale are Colorado Buff and Red Drywall. Flagstone drywall is what you use for retaining walls. The walls can go about 30" high.

Stone can be delivered all over the United States. For more details call Mike Lockwood at Camp Stone 303-429-3357!

Spring is here and we hope you have a great time in the garden and planning any of your landscape ideas.

See you next month!

David and Hans

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