4 Pictures of EtminanRouz.co

by Hassan Abedi

Marble pink (badjestan)

Marble pink (badjestan)

Marble pink (badjestan)
 Marble congreh
Travertine silver
Our Factory

We are selling marble, travertine, and granite.

The company utilizes the most modern machinery made by famous European factories (Breton) and using 1st class stone blocks manufactures superior quality products and exports them up to 17 Asian, European and African countries with a maximum of 95% exports were in the shape of processed and finished stones that shows the honor and ability of the company on export of non-oily products and not only caused employment and entrepreneurship but also resulted in economic value added in its related branch and earned much exchange to Islamic Republic of Iran.

You can contact us if you need quality stone at the info below or please respond in the comment section of this posting.


Thanks for your time!

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