a flagstone walkway after 10 years

I thought it would be helpful to see what happens to a flagstone walkway after ten years. Whenever you have a long walkway, there is a high probability that settling in the cement below will happen. There is not too much you can do without cutting an expansion joint in the walkway.

We choose not to do that, because it is unatractive. Caulking is also unatractive, so we don't use that either.

Instead we fill the joints normally and wait to see where the settlement comes from.

There were a few spots where the joints busted out.

For this job, we feel it is better to just re-tuck the new joints.

On other jobs, we will cut an expansion joint the size of a masonry blade near where the cracks are.

You can see from the flagstone picture above that some joints busted out.

We were overall very lucky with the flagstone walkway. 95% of the joints did not bust out.

The thing you can count on, at least, is that the flagstone never cracks. It is always the joint and that is easy to replace.

And also, keep in mind that many people like when a joint is cracked. It might match their house or they like the older look. It seasons well with the landscape and other things around their walkway.

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