Flagstone Walkways Really Add So Much Beauty to an Outside Project!

We did a few flagstone walkways and I thought to post them here to give you an idea of how you might incorporate that into your landscape.


"I like the pods that we installed on this house".

We have only done a few pads like these over the years.

When the grass grows through, it should look real nice.

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This next one came from a different job, but this is a nice walkway leading up to the house.

Unfortunately, I only have pictures with Colorado Red Flagstone. Hopefully we'll be doing some jobs with Buff Flagstone so you can get an idea of how that looks.

I was at the Colordo Mills Mall and noticed a path laid in sand with a retaining wall.

You can see that after a few years the grass grows right between the joints.

Eventhough it is laid in sand, the project will hold together. The stone needs to be at least 1 1/4" thick.

You can also lay some flagstone in the rocks in your garden.

Hopefully this gets the "creative juices" flowing in your mind on what you might want to do with your yard.

NEW Video: Click Here to See This 14 Minute Video of a Flagstone Walkway Being Installed!

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