A few flagstone types

The-Flagstone-Experts have worked with several flagstone types and colors including stone from Colorado, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

We will be contacting stone yards from around the country to give you ideas on the different flagstone that exists.

If you are an owner or employee from a stone yard and have some insight for us please e-mail us here.

Here Are a Few Colors And Sites I Researched Recently

In terms of the flagstone we're familiar with, we use either Cut Flagstone or Irregular Flagstone.

The graphic above is irregular flagstone. Irregular means you'll have to cut the stone yourself. We always figure on 1 ton of irregular flagstone for about 80 square feet.

Pre-cut flagstone comes in many shapes and sizes. Here are the pre-cut stones that we use often.







We use 2'x2' on big jobs! The stone costs more, so we don't use it all of the time.

Strip Stone

Strip Stone is good for building things like barbeques or mailboxes. We do add it to steps at times as well. Look at the graphic below.


Here you can see how we incorporate and lay out the different sizes.

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