some pictures of flagstone patios

Flagstone patios are the most popular, so I'm going to start researching all over the internet to bring you the best look photos here.  Stay tuned and subscribe to our free newsletter because I'll tell you when I get some great looking pictures!

I'll be showing more photos as I get them.

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Whenever you decide to install a patio out of flagstone, here are some issues to consider.

You need to decide whether you want the stone to be irregular or pre-cut from a stone yard.

Flagstone Patios

The flagstone picture above is irregular or natural stone as it comes out of the quarry.

The stone above and below are both Colorado Red Flagstone.

Colorado Red Flagstone

Next is a picture of New Mexican Buff Stone.

New Mexican Buff Flagstone

Or you could use Pennsylvanian Blue Stone. We don't see too much of that here in Colorado where we are at.

Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone

If you want more of a square look on your patio, then you can get them pre-cut at a stoneyard.

It will cost more money, but you will have fewer cuts to deal with when laying down.

Square Flagstone

The picture below, you can see how to change the squares around in order to get an interesting diamond look.

It matches real well with the brick all around it.

Diamond Shaped Flagstone

Here is a patio laid with Bluestone or Slate pre-cut at a stoneyard. We got this picture from an e-mail.

Bluestone Squares

Flagstone patios can be laid in either sand or concrete.

Flagstone Patios Sand and Concrete

Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to laying in sand or concrete.

The reasons are too numerous here. I'll save that for another article.

Sand Patios tend to settle a little bit over the years. Grass will grow between the joints.

Concrete patios will not settle and the joints generally stay smooth, but not always. Often you can get cracks with concrete joints.

One last tip I'd like to point out which was published in The Flagstone Times.

Concrete decorations look great with stone patios. Make sure to buy them at a local stone and concrete statuary. You can look that up in your local yellow pages.

You save so much more money than at a nursery or hardware store. I've seen the prices 5 or 6 times higher than at a concrete statuary.

Concrete Statuary

You can see Buddha resting nicely on the stone.

Flagstone Pot

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