A flagstone driveway alternative

To install a flagstone driveway would be a lot of work with a lot of costs associated with it. 

We have recently completed a long entrance way for a church that is also the size of a driveway.

We have done several flagstone jobs like this and this is something you could consider.

flagstone driveway for a church

Above is the entrance way for a church and the father chose to put in a flagstone border between the concrete instead of doing the whole job using stone.

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It saves a lot of money and looks good at the same time.

You could also choose to use brick as well.

brick driveway

brick driveway 2

To start off with, you need to have the concrete guys depress the concrete so that the stone can lay right in.

flagstone driveway

Secondly, you lay the stone in dry and make some cuts so that everything looks the way you want it.

flagstone driveway 3

Then, you need to lay the stone in concrete and tuck it in, so that it looks good and is strong.

flagstone driveway 4

You can see below how the entrance to the church looks better than if it were just concrete.

The stone border gives it an added touch.

If You Would Like To See How To Install Flagstone, Then Click the link below:

Flagstone Installation Page!

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