Flagstone Colors Come In More Colors Than Our 50 Year Experience Realized!

There are so many flagstone colors to pick from!

I just did some research on the internet and saw so many different colors and types of stone that we have never worked with.

Living in Colorado, we primarily use Buff Flagsone, Colorado Red Flagstone, and Pennslyvania Flagstone a couple of times.

We found over 100 from Don.  Click here to see them!

Here are some links to a few stoneyards with some good pictures to give you an idea.

Arkansas Natural Stone

I like the Black Stone that they offer. The Arkasas Gold Stone Looks great too!


You can see some varieties of the stone in New York

The Stoneyard

They have a huge display and quantity of all types of stone.

Most colors that I have seen come in Blue, Buff-Tan, and Red.

Here are some examples of what I mean below.

flagstone colors

Colorado Red Flagstone

flagstone colors 2Tennessee Blue Stone Pennsylvania Blue Stone flagstone colors 3Arizona Buckskin (Buff-Tan)

I'm going to keep researching more about the different colors.

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