Decorative landscape stone --volcanic rock--

There are probably millions of types of decorative landscape stone and four types in the flagstone arena are volcanic.

This is the best looking stone that I've seen. There are four colors that come from the same desert mountain. This type of stone could be used on a patio, walkway, or simply as a decoration piece in your backyard.

What makes them so beautiful is the volcanic composition that pops through the different colors.

One warning though! These pictures don't give these stone justice. You need to see them to appreciate them.

decorative landscape stone

The first color is called Desert Rose. It has a dark and deep red with the black volcanic sneaking out. The veins of the rock are cranberry with lots of charcter.

The second color is Desert Mauve The mauve is very soft and could match so well with many backyard patios.

decorative landscape stone 3

Desert Smoke is a great looking black stone that has so much character. It might be a great alternative to blue granite stone.

decorative landscape stone 5

And I have a hard time deciding what stone I like the best. I love the Desert Rose, but the Desert Buckskin is also very attractive. I suppose it depends on what type of house you have and what colors you like.

decorative landscape stone 6

A great advantage of laying a patio with this stone is the hardness. This stone will be much harder to stain than a typical sandstone. If you spill a glass of wine on this stone, you won't have to worry about any annoying blotches.

The only thing of caution is cutting and laying the stone.

If you cut with this stone, make sure to use a diamond blade, because the volcanic material is harder than normal sandstone. It would be like cutting granite.

The thickness varies a lot, so laying in concrete will take more time and require more Portland Cement.

Laying these desert stones in sand might be your best bet.

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Overall, if you're looking for a decorative landscape stone that sticks out, then this is the stone for you. If you have a patio with any of these four stones, you'll strain your neck due to looking down at it all of the time.

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