colorado flagstone is what we primarily used

Colorado flagstone is what 90% of our jobs entailed.  My dad was a mason in the Denver, Colorado area since 1957 and he's laid a lot of stone down right out of the Rocky Mountains.

The most popular stone here is the red. If you have ever seen Red Rocks Ampitheater on TV, you'll see what our landscape is like around here.

Take a look at some examples!!

colorado flagstone

Irregular or Random Red

colorado flagstone 2

This one is pre-cut to 18"x24"

colorado flagstone 3

This is strip stone

Here are examples of the stone laid!

colorado flagstone 4

Pre-Cut Stone Laid

colorado flagstone 5

Strip Stone Laid

Here is Colorado Buff Strip Stones
 colorado flagstone 6
Here is Colorado Gold Stained Strips

Many, many houses have the red stone in and around their houses around here. I bet the red stone would look good on the east coast or areas where it doesn't exist.

You could ask some folks on our flagstone market page to see if you could get Colorado flagstone in your area.

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